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Todays council minutes, FYI:

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# 2016-02-03 Council Meeting

Logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2016-02-03/#16:00:08

## Roll call

- Lance
- Tobias
- Dave
- psa
- MattJ

## Add stamping requirements to Security Considerations


    New XEPs that require that messages be "stamped" with a tag (eg. stanza-id,
    delay, etc.) need security considerations to prevent spoofing and conflicts.
    Servers should strip out any such stamps that claim to be from that server.

- Dave notes that this is missing a concrete proposal and may not be a solvable
- Kev notes that he suggested that council should be careful to check security
  considerations when reviewing XEPs.
- PSA: "We could even write an equivalent of RFC 3552 for XMPP"
- Kev notes that DPI was mentioned as a solution at the summit, but he doesn't
  like it.
- MattJ and Dave note that signing fixes the problem.

## Pubsub Account Management: Accept as Experimental


- psa +1
- Dave +1
- Tobias +1 (but notes that there needs to be fewer ???'s)
- Lance +1
- MattJ +1 (but notes that he's hesitant)

## Date of next


## AOB

Editors note: I entered another meeting around this time and probably didn't
record things that should have been recorded. Please read the chat logs for
context around AOB.

- URI's — should these be an XEP/registrar thing or an RFC thing?
  - Everyone agrees that an XEP is the place to start


Sam Whited
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