[Standards] Fwd: Council minutes 2016-01-20

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Thu Feb 4 14:57:05 UTC 2016

Le mercredi 3 février 2016, 16:22:27 Dave Cridland a écrit :

> >> ## JID Mention: Accept as Experimental?
> >> 
> >> http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/jid-mention.html
> >> 
> >> - MattJ on list
> >> - Tobi on list
> >> 
> >> Dave notes that "it looks like half a solution"
> > 
> > On this one, given the submission of the references protoXEP, I'd like to
> > see if we can answer all the use cases around mentioned etc in the same
> > place.
> Sorry, woefully unclear - I'm -1 on this at this time.

Well, this *is* still unclear. I've no idea of what is inside the reference 
protoXEP or even the general idea because it was discussed while the summit 
was split, and I don't see any submitted protoXEP in the inbox dir of the 

I've not problem to have this XEP vetoed if there is a more generic option, 
but I'd like to know what it is and how it can replace a jid mention.

Also, I still don't see why  "it looks like half a solution".

So more information and/or a link to a protoXEP would be welcome

Thanks :)

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