[Standards] MUC: Opt-out of presence broadcasting

Fabian Beutel fabian.beutel at gmx.de
Mon Feb 29 17:30:35 UTC 2016


I think the MUC XEP (xep-0045) would benefit greatly from giving users
the option to opt-out of the presence broadcasting of other users.

Having to deal with all the presence stanzas causes a lot of traffic
that is not really neccessary in some situations (such as Whatsapp-like
members-only rooms) and may prove a real problem for mobile applications.

When joining a room, the user could include some kind of flag in the
initial presence stanza that prevents the server from sending all the
other presences and goes straight to sending back the new occupants
presence (as confirmation for a successful join).

Do you think that would be a possible addition to the MUC XEP? I'm not
familiar with the process of proposing updates to existing and
well-established XEPs, but I think this would be a rather simple
addition which would not break compatibility.

I also believe that this was part of what the authors of the recently
proposed MUC-light [1] protocol tried to solve. The latter would still,
of course, have the advantage of being much simpler overall, but other
than that I don't see any more real downsides.

A future effort could then try to propose additional XEPs for a subset
of the MUC functionality, so that in the end we would get a
MUC-compatible MUC-light-version.

Do you have any thoughts? Did I miss something?

Best regards,
Fabian Beutel

[1] http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/muc-light.html

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