[Standards] Markdown in XMPP IM

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Thu Jan 7 13:36:33 UTC 2016

Le jeudi 7 janvier 2016, 13:44:10 Peter Waher a écrit :
> What about an approach that allows both?
> Say we create a new element <content type='...'/> that we send with the
> message. If it's empty, it could be considered a hint regarding the format
> of the message body. If it is non-empty, it contains an alternative, a
> formatted version of the plain text message body.

it's ugly and messy in my opinion. We already have 2 syntaxes: text for client 
we can't or don't want to display rich content (e.g. console client), and 
XHTML-IM for rich content.

If we start to use rich syntax for text content, which syntax should I use in 
my client when both markdown and XHTML is there ? And what if clients start to 
send markdown only messages ? And what about the flavours ?
Markdown translates easily to XHTML(-IM) and the opposite works quite well 

I think adding new syntaxes (non XML in addition, meaning that client need a 
specific parser) is a bad path.


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