[Standards] RFC 6120 § 3.3 Reconnection

Christian Schudt christian.schudt at gmx.de
Fri Jan 8 23:02:08 UTC 2016


I had a small discussion recently about RFC 6120 § 3.3 Reconnection [1].

It states "It can happen that an XMPP server goes offline unexpectedly“… and recommends a first reconnection after max. 60 seconds.

We considered this section to not fit the reality, because in reality it’s rarely the server, but far more often the client, which looses the connection (e.g. standby mode, closing laptop, mobile phone losing connection, etc…)
We found waiting for average 30 seconds is often too long and poor user experience, because the network is usually available faster than that, e.g. after a user reopens its laptop and resumes its applications.
(e.g. Adium reconnects blistering fast after network is available again)

What do you think? Should the 60-seconds truncated binary exponential backoff only be applied, if a client has received <system-shutdown/> stream error?
Can this section be written out more clearly with regards to client disconnects?

— Christian

1: http://xmpp.org/rfcs/rfc6120.html#tcp-reconnect

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