[Standards] MIX progress

Mickaël Rémond mremond at process-one.net
Fri Jul 8 14:28:40 UTC 2016


We needed to have a working solution to support easily MUC on mobile today,
so we made the simple possible change on MUC to support that. It basically
allow users to become MUC subscribers. No need to send presence to room to
receive messages.

We described it there:

ejabberd master already supports it.
I hope this will help us gather from the field feedback to help improve MIX.

Anyway, we are also ready to implement and propose feedback on the next MIX


Mickaël Rémond

On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 2:22 PM Steve Kille <steve.kille at isode.com> wrote:

> > > it's just that Steve wants to double-check that the text reflects the
> > > Summit agreements before he submits.
> >
> > Ensuring that the text reflects whatever was agreed on the summit sounds
> more like a reason to make the text public as soon as
> > possible, instead of a reason to hold it back.
> [Steve Kille]
> There is real benefit to staged review.   If you share early text with a
> wide audience, lots of people ending up making comments
> that would have been better handled with review by a smaller group.
> The plan here is that Kev reviews my changes before they are generally
> shared.    I believe that the summit comments are addressed.
> Steve
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