[Standards] XEP-0167: Something, I can't understand

Константин Козлов yagiza at yandex.ru
Sun Jul 10 13:53:33 UTC 2016


Philipp Hancke пишет:
> It actually specifies the preferences of the sender of the description.
Yes, this is what I understand.
> This allows the sender of the media to switch between codecs depending 
> on network conditions, i.e. you might prefer ISAC to Opus in some 
> scenarios. Modern codecs like opus do this inband.
But I don't understand how? How this information can help?
Ok, let's suppose responder knows, that initiator preferes Opus, then 
Speex, then ISAC and initiator knows that responder preferes Speex, then 
G.722, then Opus.
Now, how this information can help them to switch between codecs 
depending on network conditions?

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