[Standards] Stalled Pull Requests waiting on XEP authors

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Sun Mar 13 21:52:00 UTC 2016

On 3/13/16 6:20 AM, Florian Schmaus wrote:
> It has been 6 months since the GitHub Pull Requests #97, #84, #82, and
> #41 have been issued on XSF's 'xeps' repo.
> - #41 has been approved by Council, which was noted 2 months ago by Lance.

Yes, that can be published by the Editor Team.

> - #82 is waiting on the XEP author for incorporation.

I've just added that to the Council agenda on Wednesday so we remember 
to ping the authors.

> - #84 has found positive feedback in the community and I believe was
> also approved by council, so it's also waiting for the XEP author.
> - #97 is a trivial change and waiting for the author.

I will look at these by the end of the month at the latest (I have a 
bunch of IETF work to finish before March 21).

> And this are just some examples of the pending PRs. I don't want to
> blame anyone for not working actively in his spare time and unpaid on an
> open standard. That's not the point.
> But I want to point out that the current situation is demotivating for
> current contributors and possibly scares away future contributors.
> I'm not sure whether it's the job of the council or the board to decide
> about feasible solutions on how this situation can be improved. And I
> don't think it's only the task of the people in those two bodies. But
> ultimately they are the only ones who are able to implement and take
> care of solutions.
> And to be honest I believe there is no real solution. If we where for
> example to implement a timeout after which the responsibility of an XEP
> is handed over the council, then this would only put more workload on
> the council, which I don't think it is able to handle.
> I can only encourage the authors which have pending PRs for their XEPs
> to take care of them in a timely manner. And I like to encourage the
> other bodies, mostly council and the editors to watch for stalled matters.
> There are so many great people who work for free in their spare time on
> XMPP and believe in the idea of XMPP. It can only work if we work together.

Yes, everyone is busy. What I've found most useful is to have a weekly 
triage meeting (in the past this has been the Editor Team meeting) where 
spec authors participate and talk with the Editor Team and the Council 
about how to close issues. This forces people to take action (it's 
embarrassing to never close issues you're responsible for, and it helps 
to be reminded about how embarrassed you are).


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