[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: XMPP Compliance Suites 2016

Adam Roach adam at nostrum.com
Fri May 13 16:12:23 UTC 2016

On 5/13/16 11:05, Dave Cridland wrote:
> I'd love to do this. I think it needs to be a trademark rather than a 
> copyright, but yes. A trademarkable phrase and logo seems simplest.

If you're interested in something like this, I think there would be 
important lessons to learn from the SIP Forum's "SIPconnect" effort, 
which did exactly what you're proposing to do, but for SIP systems. See 
http://www.sipforum.org/sipconnect (and, in particular, the sub-pages 
under it, such as the FAQ and Certification Testing pages).

You probably already know some of the involved parties through your IETF 
work, if you'd like to discuss it further.


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