[Standards] Notification of lost membership of non participants in MUC

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Tue May 17 07:40:51 UTC 2016

I'm currently modifying my MUC code and try to show offline members in
private, non anonymous conferences and I noticed that if I change the
affiliation of a non participant. The other participants are not notified
about this.

The general behavior for affiliation changes for participants is that the
server generates a presence from their full jid announcing the change. If
the user is offline this presence is not generated.

A quick fix for this would be to send the same presence but from the bare
jid. (the jid attribute in the payload can still give the user away) (That
is of course if the recipient is allowed to view the real jid (either
because they are admin or because the room is non anonymous)

Maybe if people think a presence is not the right stanza the same
announcement could be made with a message.

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