[Standards] UPDATED: XEP-0376 (Pubsub Account Management)

Sergey Dobrov binary at jrudevels.org
Mon May 23 20:01:49 UTC 2016


 > Servers need to subscribe to remote PEP services explicitly those 
nodes which are of interest. Interest needs to be detirmined by the 
client issuing a request; but this implies that servers would gradually 
acrue any node type which the user has had a capable client at any time

Can we remove the subscription once client goes offline?

 > PEP should work the same way as now - users see filtered 
notifications about the things they care about.

Another issue is that types of events that will be delivered 
(publish/retract/etc) are determined by node configuration which is not 
fair enough because it's rather client's responsibility too: some 
clients won't reflect retracts in their UI and some other will. From the 
other side, node owner may mess this up by switching retracts off entirely.

 > Clients filter subscriptions using a specific stanza (iq, probably)

Using presence would reduce RTTs? It would require from server to remove 
those filtering from presence before broadcast it though..

 > We probably want to say that events are now archived by MAM, but this 
may imply that clients need to filter out such events (or explicitly 
include them). Maybe the mask above affects MAM queries?

We have to query MAM explicitly for the items we might have skipped 
anyway, so we can actually include the nodes of interest in the mam 
request's form. While it duplicates traffic, it retains some flexibility 
as I can be interested in history of nodes other than my filtering settings?


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> Abstract: This specification describes a new model for handling remote pubsub services and a protocol for doing so.
> Changelog: Initial version approved by the Council. (XEP Editor: ssw)
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