[Standards] OpenPGP IM: all stanza types supported?

Fabian Beutel fabian.beutel at gmx.de
Wed Sep 28 22:00:53 UTC 2016


tl;dr: OpenPGP-IM should explicitly state that encryption of ALL stanza
types has to bee supported, not just <message> stanzas.

First, did I interpret the OpenPGP-XEP-0373/374 correctly that any
stanza can be encrypted and not only messages?
If so, I think it might be good to explicitly state that in XEP-0374.

Also, I would suggest to strictly require implementations to
transparently handle the content of the <payload> element.
"[...] SHOULD be processed similar as if they had been direct extension
elements of the stanza" may be a to vague - here I would suggest to use
MUST instead. [1]

That way, when I'm talking to a client that supports XEP-0374 I can be
sure that it understands any encrypted stanza I send and for example
jingle negotiations could happen encrypted.

I created a pull request for these suggestions and would be happy if the
authors would take a look at it! [2]

Best regards,

[1] The situation in example 3 in XEP-0374, where the containing stanza
already has a <body> element ("<body>This message is encrypted using
OpenPGP.</body>") could be handled by requiring that in case of a name
conflict (an element already exists) the encrypted element always takes
precedence over the unencrypted one.

[2] https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/249

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