[Standards] XEP-0334 Message Processing Hints (Was: [Council] Council Meeting Minutes April 5th 2017)

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Wed Aug 9 11:47:44 UTC 2017

Just a small summary / follow-up from todays xsf@ discussion.

* Georg Lukas <georg at op-co.de> [2017-07-13 21:56]:
> Maybe OTR and MUC-PMs are the only pathological cases here. Then you are
> right and we don't even need <no-copy/> / <private>.

Daniel's point that OTR and MUC-PMs are a legacy exception and that the
default rule should be "messages get delivered to all resources, IQs go
to a specific resource".

That makes sense for me, so I'm convinced we should remove <no-copy/>
from Hints and leave <private/> in Carbons for compat reasons.

Regarding message storage (offline, MAM, MA or anything else) and the
related issue of which messages to forward immediately through CSI /
when to trigger Push:

The relevant semantic information we want to encode is:

- "transient" message: this message doesn't change permanent state and
  is only informational; examples are Chat State Notifications,
  Real-Time-Text.  There is no need to archive those, and they can
  safely be skipped from a CSI-inactive stream. In theory, this is
  similar to type=headline, but that won't work well with MUCs and might
  have other issues.

- "persistent" message: this message should be delivered to the
  receiver, stored offline / archived etc. This can be the default for
  all messages, so absense of a "transient" hint automatically means
  "persistent". This would also include 0184 ACKs, read markers and
  other bodyless messages.

We have no consensus yet on how to handle "push urgency" - not every
message that is "persistent" also requires immediate delivery to the

With the above points considered, Hints would be reduced to a single
"no-archive" or "transient" hint, making it a rather thin XEP. Still, I
think it is useful to have it in a separate place from MAM, because it
provides the semantic information for CSI and Push as well.

Now the questions for the council would be:

- Do we want to rename "no-store" into "transient" to make the semantics

- Do we want to revive "Hints" as a "Hint" XEP? Is there a better place
  for "transient"?

- Do we want to add more hints related to push?

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