[Standards] XEP-0334 Message Processing Hints (Was: [Council] Council Meeting Minutes April 5th 2017)

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Wed Aug 9 12:01:20 UTC 2017

2017-08-09 13:47 GMT+02:00 Georg Lukas <georg at op-co.de>:
> We have no consensus yet on how to handle "push urgency" - not every
> message that is "persistent" also requires immediate delivery to the
> client.

Just as an FYI. Some people in the 'push community' (especially iOS
people) are considering leaving that task entirely to the app server.
They would essentially send down a stripped down stanza to the app
server and let it decide.
I'm not in a position to judge whether this is a good idea or not; But
if they end up going with this approach we don't have to take Push
into account here at all. (Because as far as the XMPP server is
concerned everything will get pushed)


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