[Standards] Timestamp requiring UTC (was: Re: UPDATED: XEP-0363 (HTTP File Upload))

Florian Schmaus flo at geekplace.eu
Mon Dec 4 08:35:52 UTC 2017

XEP-0363 now states:

> The format of the timestamp MUST adhere to the date-time format
specified in &xep0082; and MUST be expressed in UTC.

I see a recent trend where people believe that XEP-0882 timestamps
should always be in UTC. I think that approach has zero benefits and
major drawbacks.

Given that there are a dozen XEPs in the wild that don't have the
"timestmap must be given in UTC" restriction, your XMPP implementation
will need a timezone aware parser anyways. And the introduction of
another constraint only increases the possibility that someone does it
wrong. I'm pretty sure we will see a least one XEP-0363 implementation
that does not follow this, and does not use UTC as the timestamps
timezone. Hence I believe that interoperability will be hurt.

- Florian

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