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Evgeny Khramtsov xramtsov at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 07:46:24 UTC 2017

Sun, 5 Feb 2017 08:31:45 +0300
ValdikSS <iam at valdikss.org.ru> wrote:

> You want to know why? For many years XMPP was a protocol not suited
> for modern mobile devices with unstable network connection. Messages
> could be easily lost (and you had to ask for receiving
> acknowledgement yourself in another message), battery consumption was
> very high. XMPP also was barely usable on multiple devices. While we
> had Message Archiving XEP since 2004, Message Carbons XEP since 2010
> and Message Archive Management (MAM) since 2012, most desktop clients
> still lack support of these functions giving you frustration when you
> want to access previous conversation history that was made on another
> device.
> Everything has changed when Daniel Gultsch created Conversations.
> That's a modern XMPP client for Android which has support for most
> current XEPs. Finally we get mobile XMPP client that is usable,
> reliable, supports history sync and doesn't noticably shorten battery
> life and is a proper competitor for other proprietary mobile IMs.
> Still, the situation with desktop clients is unpleasant. Only one
> client has Message Archive Management support (Gajim), only one has
> support for outdated and rarely configured on the server side Message
> Archiving support (Vacuum IM). Not even mention Gajim UI problems
> that you can see previous conversation history only in "history"
> menu, the chat window contains conversation history only of that
> exact machine. Till now there's no client for OS X with MAM support.
> Also should note that Gajim lacks MAM support for MUC.
> Not even mention SPIM and other mostly-server-side problems.

You described the situation with jabber clients. They suck indeed, even
Conversations has ugly UI (try push-to-talk for example) and doesn't
have A/V features. But I was asking about XMPP as a protocol in general.
But whatever.

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