[Standards] On making "Compliance Suite 20xx" a Non-XEP

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Tue Feb 7 16:25:40 UTC 2017


today the current Compliance Sutie work was discussed in xsf@ and I
asked again why it needs a new number vs. just updating XEP-0375. This
resulted in some yak shaving, and an interesting, albeit controversial,

Can we make the "Compliance Suite" a stand-alone document that is not an

Alternative solution: designate a fixed XEP number to "Current
Compliance Suite".


- the Compliance Suite should help new developers navigating the zoo of
  XEPs, having it hidden inside that zoo is counterproductive.

- there is only ever one Compliance Suite that matters at any given
  point in time

- it would be great to have a stable link/identifier to spread to
  developers and reference in documentation

- there are so many XEP numbers already that people lose track

- We could still use the XEP editorial process to maintain the document,
  no need to invent (much) new bureaucracy


- developers couldn't just stamp "implements XEP-0375" on their release
  to indicate a given level of compliance, they would rather need
  to write "Implements Compliance Suite 2017"

- having this as a non-XEP might increase the maintenance burden or
  reduce the "credibility" of the document


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