[Standards] Summit MIX Decsions

Steve Kille steve.kille at isode.com
Wed Feb 8 09:32:33 UTC 2017

This message is to summarize agreements made at the XMPP summit

1.  We will take an approach with MIX to provide a core specification into
XEP-0369 and to put extensions in associated XEPs to avoid the core getting
larger than needed.     In future a XEP indicating client and server
extensions needed for typical deployments is likely.

2.  How to expose a MUC interface to MIX is likely going to be a
useful thing to specify.  It will make sense to consider this once with have
MIX implementation and deployment experience.

3.  The plan is for XEP-0369 core MIX  to not include a the capability to
select channels on  a per-client basis.   This capability is likely to be
needed generically in PAM, which MIX will be able to use.

4.  MIX Core should not include password control channels.   If needed, this
can be done as an external spec.

5.   MIX should not have explicit  voice control.    Some of the
of voice control will naturally arise from MIX access control.

6.   MIX Core should include both "name" and "description" for channel,
including guidance on how to expose them.

7.   Subject will not be included in core MIX.     It is anticipated to
develop a new "Sticky Messages" capability as a separate XEP, which will
provide a generic functional replacement for Subject.

8.  The requirement for hiding JIDs in channels was confirmed.   This means
that we are moving forward with Proxy JIDs.

9.  It is agreed that MIX Channels will be represented in the roster.

10.  It is  intended to mark MIX clients in the roster with a server
generated annotation, so that MIX clients can clearly show MIX channels
without needing to do discos.  These clients will be marked offline, so
should not be unduly obtrusive to non-MIX clients.   Please share any
comments on this to the list.

Please let me have any corrections or ommissions.


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