[Standards] MAM things in MIX RE: MIX (XEP-0369) post-summit update to 0.8

Steve Kille steve.kille at isode.com
Mon Feb 20 02:00:49 UTC 2017

Georg submitted some comments on this and Jonas provided a useful response.

So, this message is responding to Jonas's reply to Georg's original message.

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> On Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2017 18:11:58 CET Georg Lukas wrote:
> > I'm still confused about how MIX and MAM are going to interact in
> > practice. While the concept is clear, I still wonder:
> >
> > - whether the participant's server, the MIX channel or both need to keep
> >   MAM archives of a channel (or only of individual nodes)
> I think § 6.4 is clear on that: "All messages sent to a MIX channel MUST be
> archived using MAM in association with the MIX channel. All messages MUST
> also
> be archived on the server associated with each channel participant receiving
> the message, which enables clients to always retrieve messages from the
> clients MAM archive."
> - From that it sounds like "both".
[Steve Kille] 

Jonas - this is spot on.  

In my view, the text is clear, so I am not going to make any changes.

> > - where a re-connecting client should direct MAM queries to for a
> >   'quick-sync'.
> >
> > - where a newly-joining client should direct MAM queries to, to obtain
> >   pre-join history.
> Those should be clear in that case, right? (quick sync with local server, pre-
> join from MIX service, as local server won’t have the history)

[Steve Kille] 

Jonas - yes, this is exactly right.

I think it would be helpful to spell out the case of a newly joined client accessing previous messages, so I will add some text


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