[Standards] MAM things in MIX RE: MIX (XEP-0369) post-summit update to 0.8

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Mon Feb 20 07:49:31 UTC 2017

* Steve Kille <steve.kille at isode.com> [2017-02-20 03:05]:
> > - From that it sounds like "both".
> [Steve Kille] 
> Jonas - this is spot on.  
> In my view, the text is clear, so I am not going to make any changes.

It would be great to have that replicated in the §3.4 "MIX and MAM"
section, as this is the first place to look for the information. I'd
suggest the following addition:

A copy is stored in the MIX channel's archive, to allow newly joined
clients to obtain pre-join history.

A local copy is maintained by each participant's MAM archive to allow
their clients a fast re-sync based on the user's retention policy.

I hope that provides both more clarity and rationale.

> [Steve Kille] 
> I think it would be helpful to spell out the case of a newly joined
> client accessing previous messages, so I will add some text

It would also be interesting to know how the user's other clients handle
the join case, i.e. I join with client A, client B comes online an hour
later, obtains the new MIX from roster and needs to fetch history from


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