[Standards] LAST CALL: XEP-0334 (Message Processing Hints)

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Thu Feb 23 13:31:05 UTC 2017

On 8 February 2017 at 23:07, XMPP Extensions Editor <editor at xmpp.org> wrote:
> 1. Is this specification needed to fill gaps in the XMPP protocol stack or to clarify an existing protocol?

Seems useful.

> 2. Does the specification solve the problem stated in the introduction and requirements?


> 3. Do you plan to implement this specification in your code? If not, why not?

I have no immediate plans; but only because I've not (yet) hit these use-cases.

> 4. Do you have any security concerns related to this specification?

Probably not.

> 5. Is the specification accurate and clearly written?

I noted that messages of type error are explicitly called out in §4.4,
however I think there needs to be a general rule that hints SHOULD be
ignored in messages of type='error'. Possibly MUST. Errors are
sometimes generated by bouncing the entire stanza, including original
contents, back to the sender, and these original contents might
include a hint; it seems sensible to always ignore these.

Potentially, one might include a "from" attribute to indicate which
entity provided the hint, and so on - but this feels like it might be
overkill, so I'm just floating this idea out rather than suggesting it
ought to be in place.

Finally, I think it's worth noting that XEP-0079 provides a framework
for expressing mandatory rules, whereas the rules here are purely


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