[Standards] Broken XEP PDFs on xmpp.org/extensions (no ToC)

Marvin Gülker m-guelker at phoenixmail.de
Sat Feb 25 08:42:10 UTC 2017


I am sort of a paper person and thus usually prefer the PDF variant of
the XEPs over the HTML one. However, it appears there's a number of XEPs
on xmpp.org/extensions whose PDF files have no Table of Contents, albeit
the HTML versions have. Examples are:

* XEP-0124
* XEP-0131
* XEP-0136
* XEP-0158
* XEP-0163
* XEP-0166
* XEP-0184

These are only a handful of examples, I haven't checked all the
XEPs. Can someone please look at this and fix it, so that the PDF files
have a Table of Contents again?

The PDFs otherwise look fairly nice. Good design job.


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