[Standards] Carbons of Message Acks and Chat Markers (XEP-0280, XEP-0184, XEP-0333)

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Sun Feb 26 10:51:51 UTC 2017


2017-02-26 10:05 GMT+01:00 Georg Lukas <georg at op-co.de>:
> 1. Change Carbons to allow carbon-copying of body-less "normal"
>    messages. This will have side-effects to a number of other XEPs which
>    rely on body-less messages, like IBB, Ad-Hoc Commands and PubSub.
> 2. Change Carbons to explicitly list the payloads we want carbon-copied.
>    This will become a maintenance nightmare soon.
> 3. Change 0184 and 0333 to use type="chat".
> 4. Add a <copy/> hint to 0334 and use it in 0184, 0333 and wherever else
>    CCing seems useful. This would be the most elegant solution, but
>    requires touching the most XEPs (0184 is 'Draft', 0333 is in LC).

Option 1 and 2 are obviously terrible.

3) I actually don't see 0184 or 0333 specifying any type. Examples are
not normative. I'm reading this as I can use any type I want.
What Conversations actually does for delivery receipts (for both 0184
and 0333) is to reflect the type of the requesting message. Which will
make it type chat in most cases. For 0333 read markers it will always
use type=chat and also add a <store/> for MAM. (It is call 'Chat'
Markers after all.)

4) 0333 will see a few rewrites anyway. I just took over authorship of
that XEP. I'll probably let it drop out out LC because I want to
change a couple of things. I guess I can add a <copy/> hint in there
(and also specify the <store> hint. However a couple of people have
been complaining about the Hints XEP and we should see if it actually
makes it into draft before we continue using it.


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