[Standards] 2017-02-08 Council Meeting

Sam Whited sam at samwhited.com
Wed Feb 8 16:52:05 UTC 2017

Apologies for the massive amount of stuff this week; it was a busy
meeting due to some annoying editor who decided to do a ton of
maintenance stuff all in one big batch…


# 2017-02-08 Council Meeting

Logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2017-02-08#16:00:55

## Roll call

- Tobias (chairing)
- SamWhited
- Link Mauve
- daniel
- Dave Cridland

## Update on XEP-0300 and JFT

Tobias has updated XEP-0300 and Lance has updated Jingle-File-Transfer (with a
namespace version bump) to use it.

Link Mauve agrees to grep for other XEPs that have copied the broken examples
and update them.

## LC for XEP-0334: Message Processing Hints

- Tobias        +1
- daniel        +1
- SamWhited     +1
- Link Mauve    +1
- Dave Cridland +1

## LC for XEP-0186: Invisibility

- Tobias notes that the original author may not have time to address
LC feedback.
- Dave Cridland notes that if it requires a council member to volunteer to
  handhold it, it may not be ready for LC (sam and daniel agree)
- Dave Cridland suggests asking on standards@ for a maintainer
- SamWhited notes that the original author did make changes recently, and may be
  willing to sit with it through LC

General agreement is to ask on standards@ for a maintainer

## LC for XEP-0352: Client State Indication

- Tobias notes that there was feedback the last time a LC was issued that was
  addressed, but advancement never happened.
- Everyone agrees this means a new LC is in order.

- daniel        +1
- Tobias        +1
- SamWhited     +1
- Link Mauve    +1
- Dave Cridland +1

## LC XEP-0280: Message Carbons

Tobias notes that a LC for carbons happened in 2015, but no vote to advance was
held; it is agreed that a new LC will be voted on:

- Tobias        on list
- Link Mauve    +1
- Dave Cridland +1
- daniel        +1
- SamWhited     +1

## Discussion on XEP-0302: Deferred vs. Obsolete

Old compliance suites are still listed under various statuses that may suggest
they are current.
SamWhited requests a general vote to allow him (with his editor hat on) to
obsolete any old ones and mark them as "superseded by" whatever the next or
current ones are.

- Tobias        +1
- SamWhited     +1
- Link Mauve    +1
- daniel        +1
- Dave Cridland +1

## ProtoXEP: Compliance Suites 2017


- Tobias        +1
- Link Mauve    +1
- SamWhited     +0 (Sam abstains since he's the author)
- Dave Cridland +1
- daniel        +1

## Discuss adding a "usability considerations" section to XEPs

There is disagreement on what exactly this section would look like, and if it
should be required or optional.
Discussion to be held on list with a vote on a later date.o

## Date of next


## AOB

- moparisthebest notes that the LC for 0368 ends on the 11th, and that
he has made
  changes to be reviewed before the next meeting.
- SamWhited brings https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/402 to attention but does
  not necessarily want a vote this week (it can be part of CSI/Carbons LC)


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