[Standards] MIX and MUC sharing a domain

Steve Kille steve.kille at isode.com
Wed Jan 4 16:46:51 UTC 2017

> OK - my concern (and I think Georg's concern too) is that a MIX client can
> locate the MIX channel from the MUC interface, but a non-MIX client cannot
> locate the MUC from the MIX interface, since it will never understand that
> meaning that the "address of record" for the chatroom will be that of the
> MUC service, and not the MIX.
[Steve Kille] 

I think that this will naturally swap over once most clients do MIX

> That means that retiring the MUC service is going to be very hard, if not
> impossible. This seems highly undesirable.
[Steve Kille] 

I'd picture that MUC and MIX services are front ends onto the same thing, so
the cost of keeping both is very low

> I have no interest whatsoever in having a *full* MUC service operational
> the same domain as the MIX service. But I would like to explore a legacy
> MUC-compatibility service so we can avoid having whole legacy domains
> hanging around forever.
[Steve Kille] 

Sounds messy

> This is, as you say, something we can discuss further in Brussels - I just
> want it to be considered a lost cause from the outset.
[Steve Kille] 



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