[Standards] Burner JIDs and MIX [WAS A possible MIX approach: hiding multiple clients]

Steve Kille steve.kille at isode.com
Fri Jan 6 16:42:33 UTC 2017


Yes - your "publish the users real JID to a JID mapping node" is I think the proxy JID model.   I think this is the best way to achieve  semi-anonymous type channels.

Use of burner JIDs gives an approach for fully anonymous.   I note that the summit last year agreed that there was no requirement for fully anonymous.


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> On Fri, Jan 6, 2017 at 10:24 AM, Steve Kille <steve.kille at isode.com> wrote:
> > A key problem with this is the JIDs then become anonymous to the channel
> management.
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> > Having a situation where channel participants do not know who is in a
> channel is fine.    I think that in many situations, it will be beneficial for
> administration to know real JIDs.   Would you really want to have the XSF
> Room/Channel full of burner JIDs?         Consider if I try to join the channel
> with a burner JID and nick of "Sam Whited".
> If the MIX service is issuing burner JIDs then it could refuse to issue new
> burner JIDs to a user if one of that users burner JIDs has been banned (or
> simply refuse to allow future burner JIDs issued to that user into that specific
> room if they weren't banned from the whole service), so in a way this could
> provide "fully anonymous" rooms where even channel administration does
> not know the persons real JID (only the MIX service and its administrators
> do), but can still ban that JID.
> If the original JID should actually be known by channel administrators (the
> semi-anonymous model), the MIX service could publish the users real JID to
> a JID mapping node that can only be accessed by channel admins.
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