[Standards] Easy XMPP

Kevin Smith kevin.smith at isode.com
Mon Jan 16 10:28:29 UTC 2017

On 7 Jun 2016, at 16:04, Georg Lukas <georg at op-co.de> wrote:
> I think we can improve significantly for the XMPP IM use case (I have
> not much expertise in other use cases), if we simplify the things that
> can be simplified, make them consistent between clients, and give the
> whole thing a catchy name like "Easy XMPP" or "Modern XMPP" or somesuch,
> that will be applied to conforming implementations.

It’s worth noting that I think you mean the ‘Public/unaffiliated Internet XMPP IM use case”. Lots of XMPP use is either pre-provisioned or off-Internet, or both.

Doesn’t detract from the need to do it, mind.

> Many people come to XMPP because they want to chat to some existing XMPP
> user.  Therefore that user should have an easy mechanism to get their
> friends onboarded, via some out-of-band mechanism (like a URL). That
> onboarding should include client installation, account creation, adding
> the first roster item, and optionally forwarding of "common buddies"
> from the existing XMPP user: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Easy_Onboarding

Apart from brief bits I disagree with (hiding password generation from the user), I think pretty much all of this can be achieved by a sufficiently motivated client already.

> The above is a set of high-level ideas that apply to the whole process,
> an in-depth look into a potential implementation (still far from a
> proto-XEP) can be found in https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Easy_Roster_Invitations
> The last one contains some open questions regarding the complexity of
> the protocol and the possible entities where it should be implemented.
> I'd like to have a discussion of these before I make my first attempt at
> writing an XEP…

I’ve only scanned it, but it doesn’t look immediately stupid on scanning, and I think writing up a XEP would be a good way to get further comment.


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