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Florian Schmaus flo at geekplace.eu
Mon Jan 16 18:07:17 UTC 2017

On 16.01.2017 17:28, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Recently I tried Signal because it was mentioned in another thread on
> this list. Although I'm sure folks could quibble with various aspects of
> Signal, it was very easy to get started and it's very secure. It's also
> built by maybe 6 people working at a non-profit organization in San
> Francisco - a lot fewer people than are active on this list!

Thanks comparing apples with oranges. Their people work possible full
time on Signal. I wonder if there is any FOSS XMPP client with more than
1-2 full time developer(s). All FOSS clients I'm aware of, besides
Conversations, have 1 spare time main developer.

> If someone like Sam's friend told me they wanted to find a secure
> messaging service, I'd tell them to just use Signal.

Please don't.

> As the administrator of jabber.org, I've been thinking for the last few
> years that it might be useful for jabber.org to offer a large, secure,
> privacy-respecting, easy-to-use messaging service with dedicated clients
> ("just download the Jabber app!") and always-on end-to-end encryption.

The jabber.ccc.de case has shown how fragile the ecosystem gets if we
are focusing on a few big XMPP services and tell users to use that
service(s). I am not sure if I would put effort into creating another
service of this kind. I'd say we teach people to run their own XMPP
service. It just™ has to be as easy as setting up a new TV. But of
course, I know that this is a long road until we are there.

- Florian

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