[Standards] Secure Attribution of Mediated MUC Invitations

Daurnimator quae at daurnimator.com
Wed Jan 25 02:48:59 UTC 2017

On 25 January 2017 at 00:15, Georg Lukas <georg at op-co.de> wrote:
> Are there any real-world use cases (or implementations) that use bare
> JID or occupant JID in mediated invitations? If no, I would like to
> mandate in XEP-0045 that the full JID has to be used, thus allowing the
> invitee to verify the sender (see if they have a presence from the
> claimed JID), and to auto-join in a secure fashion.

In prosody's (trunk) MUC component the JID in a mediated invite
follows the room's 'whois' setting.

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