[Standards] 2017-06-28 Council Meeting

Andreas Straub andy at strb.org
Wed Jul 5 14:47:30 UTC 2017

Hey all,

> - Council to seek a new author
> - Sam and vanitasvitae ask if Andy has officially asked to step down
> - daniel suggests that certain council members are concerned with the way he
>    collects feedback, so he might be asked to step down either way
> - Kev says he also was under the impression that Andy just wanted to step down
> Council will ask Andy how he feels, and then seek new authors if appropriate.

now that we have a "current usage" specification of OMEMO, I would like 
to briefly discuss my plans regarding the future of the protocol.

As far as I'm concerned, "current usage" OMEMO mainly serves the purpose 
of taking off the pressure in regards to the 
specification/implementation mismatch situation. As such, I don't think 
much more energy should be poured into developing it further. I would 
like to "backport" some of the clarifying edits from my ODR proposal 
into "current usage" OMEMO, but only insofar as they do describe the 
current situation. Other than that, I think we can all agree that 
straight-up signal-protocol is not the way forward.

Developing "OMEMO-next" to plan for a long-term future certainly makes 
sense to me. As others have said, there are a number of points where 
OMEMO can be improved, but which are not necessarily all things we can 
do "right now". Hammering out what that would look like gives us 
something to strive for, and might help to bring about the necessary 
changes sooner than later. In my view, it would make the most sense if 
this effort were lead by someone that is actively involved with OMEMO 
development somewhere. This is bound to be a substantial and complex 
evolution, and it has the best chances if it's spearheaded by someone 
that has a stake in its success. I can not fulfill such a role at this 
time, so I'm all for getting someone else on board to help out with this 
effort. To be clear: I am not planning on resigning from OMEMO 
altogether. I am still interested in working on the protocol, and I will 
help out wherever I can. I just can't shoulder the responsibility for 
pushing a proposal through this process by myself right now.

Additionally, I do also think there is still a place for evolving OMEMO 
in the medium term. There are concrete things we can do right now that 
would improve the protocol, and I don't think it's wise to postpone all 
further improvements until "OMEMO-next". Some of these are reflected in 
my ODR proposal, and some are being worked out by others at the moment. 
So until "OMEMO-next" gets here, we should continue improving OMEMO 
where we can. As I said, there's already some stuff in the pipeline, and 
I will submit further revisions as they are finalized.


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