[Standards] 2017-07-05 Council meeting minutes

Tobias Markmann tmarkmann at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 12 15:04:43 UTC 2017

1) Roll Call
* Sam
* Link Mauve
* Tobias

Not Present:
* Daniel (as announced last week)
* Dave (as announced by mail)

2) Minute Taker
Tobias will write meeting minutes.

3) Compare and Publish proposal
Still not in inbox due to editor tooling issues.

Sam sent email to Kev with the needed process improvements for disscussion;
ball is in iTeams court now.

Kev mentions that iTeam has little to do with it.

OMEMO/ODR discussions still in progress.
Sam mentions that Andy sent an update to the OMEMO discussions last week.
Sam summarizes:
Andy would like to remain involved, but does not feel that he has the time
to do a full rewrite so finding a new author seems good. However, a couple
of small changes will be submitted soon.

4) Date of next
Same time next week, as usual.

5) AOB
Sam mentions the editor backlog is getting bigger and bigger and wonders if
it's sensible to call out for additional editors on the mailing lists,
considering the current editor process does not match what is described in
the editor README anymore.

Kev and Tobias think that a call for help is sensible.

Kev mentions process improvements are orthogonal to getting new members on
the editor team.

Tobias bangs the gavel.
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