[Standards] Jingle (XEP-0166): Missing unsupported-security action

Paul Schaub vanitasvitae at riseup.net
Thu Jul 27 21:41:30 UTC 2017


Jingle defines the reasons "unsupported-transports" and
"unsupported-application" that are used to signal, that one client does
not support any of the offered description types or transport methods
(XEP-0166 Examples 23-26).

First of all I'd propose to rename "unsupported-application" and
"failed-application" to "unsupported-description" and
"failed-description" to make it clear, that those refer to the
description component.

Also, how should I signal, that I do not support the security component?
Currently there is no "unsupported-security" and "failed-security"
reason. Should such thing maybe be added in?

Greetings Vanitasvitae

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