[Standards] XEP-0369 (MIX): Early stages of a clients connection

Kevin Smith kevin.smith at isode.com
Wed Jun 14 07:46:14 UTC 2017

On 14 Jun 2017, at 08:36, Steve Kille <steve.kille at isode.com> wrote:
>> One thing I could imagine is for the server to include that information in the
>> roster version. E.g. if it usually versions the roster with incrementing
>> numbers, it could add "+mix" to the stringified number if MIX entries are
>> included. This would allow it to recognise that the client has or has not seen a
>> roster version with MIX and can create the diff accordingly.
> That feels very ugly.

It’s up to the server how they encode roster versions, so a server choosing to do this seems entirely sensible to me (I suggested it offlist yesterday). It doesn’t need standardising, though, it’s a server implementation issue (although if we want to put in a sentence suggesting it’s possible, that wouldn’t be daft).

>> It took me a while to come up with this idea, so maybe it makes sense to add
>> that to the wording. Also I have never written a server-side roster
>> implementation, so I’m not sure if this is even a realistic way of doing things.
> [Steve Kille] 
> I am thinking that Kev's idea of adding  "send MIX format" option to roster request is the best way to go.

I think Jonas’s argument that if this is an ‘enable MIX’ rather than just ‘add MIX to the roster’ request, its own iq is right.

> Server will need to maintain things so that it can respond to both MIX and non-MIX requests.
> If a client changes its setting,   it needs to clear its cache and fetch the full roster.

This is wrong, clients should not need to purge their roster cache, servers can always cope, and if they cope with a full push rather than a diff, that’s fine.


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