[Standards] OMEMO Discussion Summary 2017

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Wed Jun 21 17:02:11 UTC 2017

Hi Ignat,

I somehow got the feeling that some people on this mailing list actually
> don't want the OMEMO standard to evolve, when it does not include the
> changes they want.

I agree, I get the same feeling.

>  As it seems to be the "compromise" to not evolve OMEMO in the near future
> and we have a roadmap to finish e2e-encryption by end of the year, there
> was no choice left then to go this step.

I don't think the compromise is to not evolve things. On the contrary, it
is to unblock things so it can actually move much faster again (instead of
changes from the outside being ignored for months on end because of
misperceptions of the XEP).

> We might release some of our non-libsignal-based development later this
> year as open-source, but I bet it will be GPL licensed and not under one of
> those "make money with third-party software and run away with it"-licenses
> that are so much liked by some of the people (representing their companies
> interest) here.

You're of course more than welcome to do so. If I were to have a commercial
interest in XMPP and/or OMEMO, I probably would use GPL as well.

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