[Standards] OMEMO Discussion Summary 2017

Florian Schmaus flo at geekplace.eu
Thu Jun 22 07:18:25 UTC 2017

On 22.06.2017 08:45, Chris Ballinger wrote:
> Unlike most of those things you've mentioned, SignalProtocol (the
> protocol and reference libraries) has been extensively studied, audited,
> and widely deployed to billions of mobile devices. Other than Signal
> itself (a few million users), it's in WhatsApp (1.2 billion users),
> Facebook Messenger (1.2 billion users), Allo (a few hundred users), and
> more. I'd guess that SignalProtocol probably has a pretty safe future
> with the backing of a few multibillion dollar corporations.

Right. I can't think of a reason why someone would put OMEMO in a the
corner of exotic, unstudied, and unaudited cyrpto primitives using

> 2. OMEMO-NEXT would be great for supporting out of <body> experiences.

Assuming that with OMEMO-NEXT you mean non-XEdDSA double ratched e2e
mechanism for XMPP, then I'd like to point out that support for
encryption of arbitrary extension elements (non <body/> elements) could
also be incorporated in Andy's PR since it's a namespace bump anyway.

- Florian

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