[Standards] [XEP-0277] Should we use the whole RFC when a XEP is based upon one

Timothée Jaussoin edhelas at movim.eu
Fri Jun 23 20:40:52 UTC 2017


Movim relies deeply on this combination between Atom and Pubsub (and PEP) to build the whole social aspect of the project for several
years already, I truly think that the two things can fit together (with maybe some small adjustments).

This it really something that I'd like to bring on the table for the next summit. I think that clarifying the format of publications/
articles/posts/news on XMPP with everything that it implies (attachments, comments…) could be a wonderful way to finally bring a nice
"social" decentralized/standard to XMPP.

For me 0277 is just the first step, actually by applying the same concept (embedding Atom elements into items) to Pubsub nodes I was
able to bring the Movim feature called "Communities". I'm also using Atom categories (extracted from #hastags in the bodies), Atom link
enclosures to attach properly pictures/files… and many other small things already defined in the RFC4287.

It's also quite easy to map feeds and to export them to static pages (https://nl.movim.eu/?node/pubsub.movim.eu/Movim or event back to
Atom feeds https://nl.movim.eu/?feed/pubsub.movim.eu/Movim). Those features are already used by many XMPP users a the moment and
administrators are deploying XMPP servers with Pubsub to use them.

I'm ready to prepare a little presentation to show you what I was able to do with those two standards for the next summit and work on
maybe what could be a XEP that can replace the 0277 (that is now deferred) and that clarify those things :) I'm also really happy to
see other projects like Salut à Toi that tackle this part of the standard, thanks Goffi!



Le vendredi 23 juin 2017 à 18:18 +0100, Dave Cridland a écrit :
> On 21 June 2017 at 21:07, Goffi <goffi at goffi.org> wrote:
> > your opinion is really welcome on this question
> Mine probably won't be. :-)
> I've worked on a couple of attempts to mix Atom and XMPP. I didn't
> much like the combination.
> Atom is designed to be standalone, and the combination mandates a lot
> of redundant information that is in two places needlessly at once,
> which means information used by XMPP is essentially duplicated in Atom
> for no purpose, and information already in Atom, which is unused, is
> also in... You get the idea.
> For the most part, I'd be looking to implement Atom - if at all - as
> an export/feed format for an XMPP-based discussion system, and not use
> it as an internal payload format.
> Dave.
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