[Standards] Jingle File Transfer - Receiving party communicating success

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Wed May 3 09:17:17 UTC 2017


the current Jingle File Transfer has two methods which can be used for the
receiving party to announce that they successfully received a file.
There is 'Ending the session' described in section 6.6 which terminates the
session with a reason=success and there is section 8.1 which sends a
session-info received.
Both these methods are however optional.
So if I wanted to - as a sender - make sure that the other party actually
received the file I can't do that because I can't rely on any of the two to
actually be send.
Therefore I suggest to make at least one of them a MUST for the receiver.
I don't really care which one.
Conversations has always treated the session-terminate/success as a MUST
and didn't end the file transfer if it wasn't received. (That's why when
sending a file to Gajim it got 'stuck' at 100%)


Stray observations:
- There is too much 'optional' stuff in the XEP. The hashing stuff for
example is virtually useless because I can't be sure the sender will send
- The changelog from 0.16 mentions a remote-canditate which doesn't
actually exists in XEP-260 which could be confusing.
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