[Standards] Council Meeting Minutes for May 3rd (last week!)

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Wed May 10 14:45:02 UTC 2017


I totally forgot to write up the minutes for last weeks meeting.
Thankfully not much has happened anyway.

1) Roll call
- Link Mauve
- SamWhited
- Daniel
- Tobias (chairing)

2) Minute taker
Daniel, who will totally forget about this until a week later

3) SHA-1 Migration updates
Link Mauve reports not updates

4) Date of next
Tobias can't make it next week. Others decide to still do a brief meeting
in expectation that they won't have much to talk about anyway.
Meeting will be at 15:00 UTC as usual.

5) AOB
Sam remarks that the infrastructure still isn't in a working state and he
can't do his job as an editor like put the new 'Compare and Publish PubSub
Items' Proto XEP into the inbox.

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