[Standards] 2017-05-10 Council Meeting Minutes

Sam Whited sam at samwhited.com
Wed May 10 15:22:07 UTC 2017

# 2017-05-10 Council Meeting

Logs: logs are down

## Roll call

- Daniel (chairing)
- SamWhited
- Link Mauve
- Dave Cridland

- Tobias (absent)

## SHA-1 Migration Plan

No progress to report.

## Date of next


## AOB

- Peter Waher has asked for the IP he assigned to the XSF for XEP-0323,
  XEP-0324, XEP-0325, and XEP-0326 back so he can assign it to the IEEE instead.
  - Dave notes that this is a matter for the Board
  - Dave and Sam think the IP now belongs to the XSF and we should not have to
    deal with un-publishing the XEPs, making sure we don't reference them, etc.
- Daniel asks if there has been news from the IETF side regarding ISR.
  - Dave says he will follow up with the board.


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