[Standards] 2017-05-17 Council Meeting Minutes

Tobias Markmann tmarkmann at googlemail.com
Wed May 24 13:48:15 UTC 2017

# 2017-05-17 Council Meeting Minutes

## Roll Call

- Tobias (chairing)
- Sam
- Daniel
- Dave (joining in between)

## Minute Taker

- Tobias takes minutes

##  SHA-1 migration plan update

- No update here.

## XSF Editor infrastructure state

Tobias asks Sam (with his editor hat on) about the current state of XSF
Editor infrastructure and their ability to publish and otherwise process
XEP changes. Without this ability it makes little sense to the XMPP Council
to vote on new XEPs.

Sam is unclear about the current state and though it was not working yet,
while Kev saying in the morning that it was and that he's working on
automating some processes.

* Dave joins *

Sam and Dave think it still involves manual steps.

We decide to hold off further XMPP Council actions for the XSF Editor as it
would just queue up actions without visible results.

## AOB

Daniel mentions Kev's query about the current state of OMEMO. There's a PR
by Remko https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/463 which asks for feedback. Sam
with his editor hat on will call out to the OMEMO author about the PR as
soon as he has his editing and publishing capabilities back.

## AOB #2

Daniel posted XEP-0060 questions on the ML and asked for feedback.

## Date of Next

Same time of day, same day of week, next week.

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