[Standards] Council Minutes 2017-05-24

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed May 24 15:41:30 UTC 2017

1) Roll Call

Tobias, Daniel, Sam, Dave, and Emmanuel all present.

2) Minute Taker

Dave volunteered.

3) SHA-1 migration plan

Emmanuel said he had no news. Tobias suggested removing it from Trello for now.

4) XSF Editor update

Kev has reported to Tobias that the Editor should now be able to do
their duties. Sam has reported that he cannot yet send emails.

Sam added in the meeting: "Email is still broken, the build takes
upwards of an hour (which is technically not a blocker, but by the
time it's done you've wandered off and forgotten what you were doing),
and you have to ping someone on the iteam to actually publish the
site. Since people from the iteam are busy and/or not around all the
time, this means it's still not really practical to begin publishing
things again"

Tobias asked for this to be raised in the upcoming Board meeting. He
also noted that the Council MUC logs are currently broken, and noted
he'd spend some time over the coming weekend to see if he could fix
some of these items.

5) Date of next

Tobias proposed same time next week. Everyone WFM'd, but Emmanuel
noted this actually might NWFM.

6) AOB

Dave raised the OMEMO discussions again, noting that the XEP is due to
be Deferred soon. Tobias noted it couldn't be deferred given the
current infrastructure problems.

Dave asked whether the Council would do something here, and said he
considered the author unresponsive at this point. Sam noted the author
has not yet been "pinged". Tobias said if he had not been "officially
pinged" he could not be considered unresponsive. Dave noted he was
surely on the mailing lists. Sam and Tobias both stated that not
everybody reads every mail. Dave countered that the author should be
seeing "OMEMO" in the subject line and responding. Sam said he wasn't
sure if the author was even on the list, and it was unfair to make
that requirement.

Dave asked that however we were meant to ping authors these days,
could someone please do so. Sam said he would prefer to wait before
"officially pinging" the author, until the XSF Editor function is able
to process the changes. Dave said it was utterly unfair to not even
respond to the discussion just because we might be unable to process
the decision. Sam said the author was online, and could be asked to
respond, and Tobias asked Sam to do so, which he did.

7) Ite, Meeting Est.

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