[Standards] OMEMO and Olm

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Thu May 25 12:21:05 UTC 2017

2017-05-25 13:57 GMT+02:00 Matthew Hodgson <matthew at matrix.org>:
> But if OMEMO-using-libsignal has critical mass already, I completely get the
> concerns over disrupting the existing ecosystem over 'just' a licensing
> issue, and perhaps the work would be better spent writing an
> liberal-licensed ratchet which is absolutely 100% compatible with libsignal
> (including XEdDSA) etc.  This could be by extending/forking Olm to use
> XEdDSA, or if you're feeling completely masochistic, a whole new
> implementation.  Then folks on OMEMO-using-libsignal would be able to talk
> happily to folks on OMEMO-using-liberal-licensed-DR-implementation, and
> everyone's happy (i think?)


That's pretty much the idea behind ODR.

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