[Standards] Delayed Delivery for CSI and possibly SM

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Tue May 30 13:00:21 UTC 2017


I noticed that some CSI implementations (and maybe some SM
implementations as well) add a delayed delivery tag where the from is
set to their own domain.

However that gets us into trouble in at least one scenario:
Namely when parsing the timestamp of a unavailable presence.
Unavailable presences come in two forms. Either they don't have a
delayed delivery or they have one where from is their server.
To reliably tell the the timestamp of an offline presence we have to
be able to tell if it was delayed by our own CSI/SM or by the remote
server. This is impossible for contacts that are on the same server.
For this reason I propose that CSI and SM implementations if they
choose to add a delayed delivery element it should come from the
account and not the server.
(Neither XEP mentions how to deal with delayed delivery but a lot of
implementations do. So I'd propose to make it OPTIONAL to add it but
if they add it MUST be the accounts bare jid)


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