[Standards] Council Minutes 20150531

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed May 31 16:21:12 UTC 2017

Present: Tobias (Chair), Daniel, Dave, Sam.
Absent: Emmanuel
Floor: Kev

1) Roll Call

As above.

2) Minute Taker

Your Truly.

3) ODR / OMEMO https://trello.com/c/pxYjqmnR/182-odr-omemo

Tobias asked whether the Council should accept ODR, or wait for the
OMEMO discussion to come to some conclusion, based on an agenda item
by Sam. Daniel said the ODR PR is not ready yet, and Dave suggested it
wasn't really a thing we could vote on.

Kev noted from the floor that Council's options are to change authors
or kill the XEP.

Dave said he was hoping the author tries to seek rough consensus
amongst the group.

[In AOB]

Kev asked if it was worthwhile someone on Council weighing in to try
and summarise what they think the current state is, so everyone
involved can see if they share the same view. Tobias agreed, and after
some discussion decided he was best placed.

4) Proposed changes to XEP-0280 https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/434

Sam placed this on the agenda since the PR was in the correct state.
Daniel and Dave said the rules seems overly prescriptive, but neither
would block on that basis. Dave said he's like to see evidence of
rough consensus on the list before proceeding. After some discussion,
Tobias said he would place a comment on the thread asking for a
summary of changes to the list [done], and Kev said he would review
and comment to the list as well.

5) SHA-1 Migration Plan.

Dave volunteered to send a message to the list asking for people to
point out known uses of SHA-1, and he would collate the results.
Tobias agreed.

6) Date of Next

Same time, same day, next week.

7)  AOB

Daniel noted his discussion on publish-options had gone unanswered.
Dave apologised, and said he had meant to reply. Dave said he'd go
over it again and ensure he did so.

[Kev also raised an OMEMO point captured above]

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