[Standards] 2017-11-01 XSF Council Minutes

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Wed Nov 1 16:51:58 UTC 2017

2017-11-01 XSF Council Minutes

Chat Logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2017-11-01


* Emmanuel Gil Peyrot  (Link Mauve)


* Sam Whited (SamWhited)
* Dave Cridland (dwd)
* Daniel Gultsch (daniel)

Minute taker:

* JC Brand (jcbrand)


1) XEP-0146 is not yet deprecated

The editor didn't see it since it was in a weird place in the editors trello.

2) The "Last Call" for XEP-0313 Message Archive Management (MAM) has ended

According to Link Mauve, the main criticism has been the policy section.criticism has been the policy section.
The avilable time was two weeks, which Link Mauve and SamWhited think was too short in this case.

5) Vote on extending the MAM LC

Link Mauve, SamWhited and daniel voted for November 15th 2017.

6) Two more XEPs have Last Calls that ended. XEP-0352 and XEP-0387

They have had no feedback during the "Last Call" period.

dwd indicated that he'll provide feedback.

The council agrees that the editor should extend the "Last Call" period for the above XEPs to November 15th.
Also for XEP-0286 which expires on the 3rd of November.


The next meeting will be on the 8th of November at 16:00 UTC
(one hour later, but effectively the same time for many due to recent daylight savings time changes).

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