[Standards] LAST CALL: XEP-0313 (Message Archive Management)

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Tue Nov 7 16:06:59 UTC 2017

[XEP-0313 for LC]

I have three points to make.

a) What to store:
As already mentioned by Jonas and Kevin, the business rules in §5.1.1
are only a first approximation of what we want to persist, and we need
to figure out better / more explicit ways to determine persistent /
transient messages.

As my hope is to clear up The Big Picture before / during the next
Summit, I'd like to defer advancement of 313 until then.

b) MAM-ID Reflection:
There is no way for a client to determine the MAM-ID of outgoing
messages. Instead, they need to query the archive and perform
deduplication based on some other identifier.

I'm not sure this is an actual problem in MAM, or maybe better solved by
changing Carbons, or introducing something like "MAM Subscription" as
part of The Big Picture Solution.

c) Initial MAM Activation:
A client can not determine whether MAM has been explicitly configured by
the user, yet. Some server implementations enable it by default for all
users, potentially violating users' privacy expectations / flooding the
MAM archive with bot traffic. Others do a smarter job by enabling MAM
for an account on the first MAM query by a MAM-enabled user client.

Neither is very good, specification-wise. I think it is reasonable to
have a UX where MAM is either auto-enabled for users with MAM-capable
clients, or, (better?), where a client can figure out that MAM hasn't
been enabled yet and ask the user about their privacy expectations.

The former should be part of the Business Rules, the latter needs a
change to the specification to return a "not yet configured" element to
the first preferences IQ.

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