[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Message Markup

Marvin Gülker m-guelker at phoenixmail.de
Tue Nov 7 21:41:21 UTC 2017

This is an interesting approach. Specifying the markup completely
externally would not have occured to me, but is a really cool idea.

Some notes:

§4.1 has:

> The start and end attributes define the range at which the span is
> applied. They are in units of unicode code points in the character
> data if the body element. 

There's a typo at the end; it should be "of the body element", not "if
the body element".

§4.3 copes with lists, but does not have an example for nested lists,
which are not unusual I think. There's nesting already allowed in §4.4
for blockquotes, so there should be nesting for lists as well.

Do we need ordered lists?

§9 on security: one issue that comes to my mind is specifying
out-of-range values for the "start" and "end" attributes by a malicious


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