[Standards] 2017-11-08 XSF Council Minutes

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Wed Nov 8 16:49:26 UTC 2017

2017-11-08 XSF Council Minutes

Chat Logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2017-11-08


* Emmanuel Gil Peyrot  (Link Mauve)

* Sam Whited (SamWhited)
* Dave Cridland (dwd)
* Daniel Gultsch (daniel)
* Tobias Markmann (Tobias)

Minute taker:

* JC Brand (jcbrand)

There are two new proposals whose acceptance need to be voted on.

* Styling: https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/styling.html
* Markup: https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/markup.html

Council members have two weeks to vote, starting this meeting.

1. Vote on accepting the "Styling" ProtoXEP

* dwd: +1.
* daniel: +1
* SamWhited: +1
* Tobias: +1

Link Mauve will vote via the mailing list.

2. Vote on accepting the "Markup" ProtoXEP

* Link Mauve: +1
* daniel: +1
* dwd: +1

Tobias and SamWhited will vote via the mailing list.


Discussion ensues as to the relative merits of the two proposed ProtoXEPs and
whether the "Styling" ProtoXEP addresses all the criticisms aimed against it.

SamWhited offers to address criticisms and to mention them in the ProtoXEP. He
asks for a list of criticisms to be addressed.

Link Mauve offers to compile such a list.

jonasw suggests criticisms can be addressed in the "Design Considerations"
section of the XEP and that this is what's done for the "Markup" ProtoXEP.

There is general agreement that not *all* criticisms of any XEP need to go
into the XEP's "Design Considerations".

jonasw asks that the previously rejected ProtoXEP "Body Markup Hints" be
reconsidered as a means to bridge the above two ProtoXEPs.


It would have to be resubmitted before it can be considered.

Opt-out is also mentioned as being desired.


The next meeting will be on the 15th of November at 16:00 UTC

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