[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Styling

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Nov 15 09:31:45 UTC 2017

On 15 November 2017 at 09:15, Goffi <goffi at goffi.org> wrote:
> Good morning/evening/day eveybody
> Le mercredi 15 novembre 2017, 09:54:07 CET Dave Cridland a écrit :
>> Conversations is following an existing trend. Sam has merely documented it,
>> and we're trying to ensure that the downsides of this approach - and I
>> don't think anyone pretends there aren't any - are mitigated.
>> This is not ideal, it is not perfect, but I think we're well into von
>> Clausevitz territory[1], and the question should be whether we can control
>> the inevitable damage.
> So shouldn't the type of the XEP (if it becomes one) be "informational"
> instead? At least this show this is not a good practice supported by the
> community.

I don't care hugely what type it is, though to suggest its entirely
unsupported by the community suggests that Spark, Gajim, Psi and
Conversations are not part of this community, which I would hold to be
demonstrably incorrect.

> And please if it really do through the official number, add on "opt-in"
> mechanism as previously discussed (this is still not in the protoXEP).

As an aside, I really hate working on XEPs before we accept them.
However, this might fall closely enough under the "wrong approach"
criteria that I can be persuaded.


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