[Standards] XEP-0333: Chat Markers overhaul

Philipp Hörist philipp at hoerist.com
Thu Nov 16 21:11:50 UTC 2017

2017-11-16 21:40 GMT+01:00 Jonas Wielicki <jonas at wielicki.name>:

> Doesn’t it make more sense to require that senders who mark messages as
> markable MUST use at least N bits of entropy (where N is the number of
> bits of
> entropy in UUID4, since people seem to like that) in the message IDs,
> stanza
> IDs and origin IDs?

if you just add the JID, i can filter out clients who are non-compliant to
the XEP instantly. And can act accordingly.

On the other hand if somebody implements this, and just forgets/ignores to
make sure his algorithm has enough entropy, i will suffer, and i can not
really do anything about it.

Just one for the Security Considerations, if you are admin of a room, you
see real-jids, you should not add these by accident to your display tags,
in anonymous rooms.
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